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4 Guaranteed Strategies To Skyrocket Your Small Business’s Scale In 2022

Businesses of all kinds experienced rapid transformation globally last year—from shifting political and economic changes to the pandemic. This shift made it difficult for entrepreneurs to even think of starting a business. Businesses that started last year find that they’re not having the results they wanted. Luckily, the world is slowly recovering, if not adapting to the new normal. And this means that the strategies of the past may no longer be as effective as it is today. 
So if you’re planning to start a small business or the local authorities still label your current one as such, it’s best you’re aware of some guaranteed strategies to transport your business to new heights. To help you out, here are some strategies you should apply this 2022: 
    1. Understand your audience
Even though many have used and advised this strategy to small business owners, understanding your audience has never been more important this year. For one, due to the challenging landscape nowadays, if you don’t know what your customers want, you’ll find it challenging to make them happy. And a satisfied customer is always a loyal one.
With that said, any guaranteed strategy to skyrocket your business should rely on data revolving on keeping your customers. Thankfully, with today’s innovations, there are plenty of tools and software you can use so you can have the necessary metrics. Also, if you want to leave the marketing aspect to the experts, you’ll find no shortage of marketing companies. You can even use an eye-catching sales presentation outline when pitching your products or services to potential customers. This way, your company will reflect professionalism, an ingredient for trustworthiness.
If you have the relevant data and metrics, you now have knowledge on how to make existing customers happy and how to expand your customer base. Keeping your customers happy and expanding your customer base translate to more business opportunities in the long run.
    2. Have an online presence
Around 79% of businesses that have an online presence are expected to grow at least 25% in three to five years. Hence, it’s safe to say that going digital is essential. Here are some of the things you can gain when you have a digital presence: (1)
    • Allows you to set up branded social media profiles.
    • Create weekly content for your website or blog, which you can use to indirectly communicate with your audience.
    • Allows you to add a CTA (Call-to-action) to your website or social media pages, making it easier for potential customers to get in touch with you. (2)
However, having a website or social media presence isn’t enough. You must also ensure that you’re applying the latest online marketing techniques out there.
    3. Improve your homepage
If you already have a website but you’re still not gaining the return on investment (ROI) you want, then one cause can be your homepage’s design. A well-designed homepage won’t only optimise your website for search engines, but it’ll also make the whole signing up process and purchasing easier for your visitors. Keep in mind, 96% of your website visitors aren’t fully committed to purchasing something yet. (3)
If your website has a cluttered homepage, is hard to navigate or not optimised for mobile use, then there’s going to be a huge tendency that your customers take their business to your competitor. In order to entice visitors to do business with you, make sure that your business website has an appealing and user-friendly homepage.
    4. Learn video SEO strategies
Speaking of search engine optimisation (SEO), did you know that video marketing has slowly become the most preferred way to gather audiences? This is especially true with the rise of video platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Additionally, industry insiders estimate that videos will be responsible for 82% of consumer traffic on the internet. (4) 
With that said, video SEO should be one of your priorities in order for your business to soar this year. You’ll need to create video tutorials on how consumers can use your product. You can even add a welcome speech on your website.
Of course, these are just a few of the many strategies you can use to boost your small business this year. As much as possible, don’t stop updating your knowledge regarding the latest and trendiest marketing strategies out there, especially since the world is always evolving. What may work now might be obsolete in the future.
Lastly, don’t get dismayed that a particular strategy isn’t working for the first few weeks or months. Do note that business success doesn’t happen overnight. What’s important is you’re consistent and you’re always monitoring your metrics. 
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