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About Us

Yoodee has been built to create a trustworthy online environment that cuts out the fake reviews and toxic feedback you see on many sites. It works to create a new level of honesty and confidence in the information you see or receive.

Everything we do is designed to help customers and businesses build better, mutually beneficial relationships, as simply as possible.

We love interacting with local communities and bringing more people into the fold. Our collaborative culture encourages everybody to share ideas, whatever their background, develop more features and put the best into action.

About the Yoodee app

In the Yoodee app, you see trusted recommendations from friends, family, and Yoodee Creators you choose to follow. It's like having all your best mates going everywhere with you, every day - telling you everything they know about the best places to be and the experiences they’ve had.

You can also give businesses direct, constructive feedback privately. They just want to fix mistakes and do better - not to be publicly shamed, like they are on current review platforms.

It's all about upping the game. For everybody. So you can get the best out of every experience and share it with your friends and family.

On Yoodee, you decide what’s best, what to say about it, who sees what you say - and how to use it to improve your next visit, purchase, or experience.



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