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Since its foundation in 1915, Yokogawa has been recognized as a technology leader. Annually, Yokogawa reinvests nearly a quarter billion dollars in research and development, much of it aimed at core technologies like test and measurement. As a result, Yokogawa's annual corporate revenues have grown to over $4 Billion while amassing more than 6,000 patents and registrations. All of us within the Test and Measurement Division recognize it as our mission to continuously develop and supply the best possible solutions with optimum quality and value to customers and society, thereby contributing to our customer's growth. Quality At Yokogawa, a shared company passion is the desire to reduce cost of ownership throughout your business cycle and making things work. Steeped in the long tradition of craftsmanship, we take pride in designing outstanding products and carrying out challenging projects. Here at Yokogawa, quality means creating solutions from the ground up and making sure that what we deliver withstands the test of time. At Yokogawa, quality is assured by people who go the extra mile to do things right. Innovation Enable your business through new insights and capabilities, provided by Yokogawa. Generation after generation of Yokogawa engineers have brought forth truly innovative solutions and have never been satisfied with the status quo. Today over 3,600 Yokogawa engineers worldwide keep pushing the limits, looking for new capabilities and insights that can empower you further. Regardless of their specialties, all of our engineers honor the good tradition of Yokogawa honesty. With Yokogawa, innovation will always be delivered as advertised. Foresight Designing test equipment now to meet the challenges of tomorrow is the foundation of Yokogawa's business model. Our commitment to continued customer success compels us to take the lead in forward-looking test equipment development. We keep investing in technologies that will ensure our ability to delivery next generation solutions. To Yokogawa, foresight means a lifetime partnership in testing solutions. Yokogawa Test & Measurement Organisation The Test & Measurement organisation represents the companies second largest division with a turnover in the region of $1bn and supplies high quality, high reliability measurement solutions into a diverse range of markets which include: Automotive Aerospace & Defence Consumer Electronics Power Generation Semiconductor Telecommunications
Yokogawa Measurement Technologies Ltd
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