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We do more than just sell hardware and support systems. At Ylem you get a comprehensive service equivalent to having your own I.T. team to advise and support you based on your business requirements. We specialise in delivering a ‘one stop shop’ for SME’s to give them the same advantages as large corporates who have their own IT Staff. Many SME’s have a person who ‘looks after the computers’ but no one person can be competent enough or keep up to date with technology. Many of the issues that crop up with clients have been seen before on other sites and we can often suggest ways to achieve a solution based on our past experience. Using Ylem you have access to a team of people each having differing skill sets and areas of expertise to make sure your systems run smoothly. We keep up to date by regularly attending training and accreditation courses which would not be practical for an in house person. We achieve this at a fraction of the cost of in house staff and with faster and more accurate responses to any I.T. issues. This allows your staff to focus growing your business knowing that the I.T. is running effectively.
Ylem Ltd.
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