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Earrings are one of the main and most demanded women's accessories loved by all fashionistas. They are presented in a wide variety on the jewellery market, and every year eminent brands and designers-jewellers create more and more unusual and original models and designs. A well-chosen ear jewelry will easily become the highlight of the whole image and, moreover, will emphasize the impeccable style of its owner. This is exactly the thing that every lady should have in her arsenal! On the pages of the FJewellery website, you will find the widest assortment of gold earrings at the most affordable prices - there you will find and buy the most irrepressible and unique accessories to your collection!

The most popular types and models

In our time, perhaps you will not meet a girl who would never choose new earrings for herself and would not face the throes of choice. Among all the variety, it's very difficult to find the one and only, because there are so many styles, designs and colours - how not to get lost! That's why we decided to simplify your task and put together the most basic trends in jewellery fashion, so that you no longer have to think long and tediously about which earrings are best suited for this or that image and whether they will be combined with a new ring or necklace. And we will probably start with the main one - metal. If we compare models made of silver and gold, then the favorite is obvious. Of course, silver has its advantages and is inexpensive. But still, most women give their preference to the timeless classic - aurum. And no wonder! After all, it has a wider palette of colours and shades, shines magnificently in the sun and is simply beautiful in combination with a sparkling diamond or noble sapphire. Now let's look at the most interesting and popular models of earrings that are found today in all jewellery catalogs and on photos in the most fashionable publications: 1. Stud earrings. Ideal for any age. They are most often given to little girls, and for everyday wear they are simply irreplaceable. 2. Hoop. This is a real classic that will always remain at the height of fashion and go well with any type of clothing. 3. Drop style earrings. Beautiful, bright, unusual - they are best combined with flying dresses and sundresses, satin skirts and light chiffon shirts. 4. Chandelier. Luxurious large earrings with many shining gems - a suitable option under evening dresses. 5. Fancy style. Multicoloured and unusual, they will be a wonderful gift for a little fashionista and will look great with bright summer outfits. 6. Huggies earrings. Restrained and elegant - versatile for any outfit, be it a business trouser suit or a cocktail dress.

Basic selection rules

Having decided on the type and shape of your future decoration, it's important to pay attention to detail. Before buying, always check the product on three main points: 1. the presence of a sample, brand or stamp of the manufacturer, 2. the reliability of the clasp, 3. the authenticity and quality of precious stones and other inserts (if any). And, most importantly, always buy in trusted stores, where you can be provided with any certificates and guarantees about the product, and the service will always be at its best! Knowing all this, you will definitely be able to very easily and quickly choose the perfect pair of golden earrings, saving yourself a lot of nerves and time. And in order to save your budget as well - look into the online FJewellery catalog and choose precious accessories at the most pleasant price! Have a great time shopping!
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