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Original formed in 2005 as the burner service provider Asphalt Burner Services, we pioneered independent servicing programs for the UKs largest asphalt manufacturers as well as for smaller independent Asphalt Plants, continually pushing the bar that set today’s standards. Building a team of experienced engineers, that have worked with & previously for the major asphalt plant manufacturers from apprentice to management level, Vulcan Burners have unrivaled experience due to the wealth of knowledge from all technical perspectives of various asphalt plants in the market. In 2011, the Vulcan burner range was launched to huge success, the burner range has been very receptive with multiple purchases from Global companies to successful independent Asphalt manufacturers. Since the Vulcan burner launch in 2011, the burner sales have increased year on year. Vulcan Asphalt Group not only offer burner products & services, we also offer Asphalt plant consultancy, efficiency audits & plant solutions.
Vulcan Asphalt Group
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