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Turtla’s mission is to empower people to discover the world by making travelling simpler and safer. Our business idea supports this mission by making the vehicle rental market universally accessible and transparent for all the people, by helping the people to find and hire a vehicle from a reputable place. Travelling with a backpack or for business, customers can instantly look for ideal vehicle quickly and easily with We place emphasis on safe and legal driving among travellers and rental companies. Turtla is an online marketplace that enables travelers to rent or book vehicle services locally and internationally if travelling. Turtla aims at registering members globally who will benefit its services. Millions of travelers have discovered Turtla and they have created their free accounts where they can book and rent vehicles of their choice online from the comfort of their home while having a peace of mind. With the world becoming a global village, we foresee a future where people around the globe want access to safe, efficient and comfortable mobility with just the touch of a button.
Turtla - Car & Motorbike Rental

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