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Facility Management, Architecture and Wine in Vienna, Part 2
Post Kongress – MA in Architecture Student Exhibit, FM Masters Students and Wine Tasting It is the 200th birthday of the TU Wien and also the 9th year of the MA students in architecture exhibit (Archdeploma 2015) held every two years. Out of almost 600 students graduating in the past two years, 162 were chosen in this competition to show their work in models and published books for each project. The goal of the exhibit is promote a public dialogue on the future of architecture, urban development and spatial planning. This year it was held in a former testing facility originally occupied by the Institute for Testing and Research which moved out of the space leaving a large open industrial interior for the exhibit. The Friday night that we attended was the last night and the next day the space will be used for teaching and workspace following the exhibit. The focus of the students in this ‘Discursive Space’ exhibit was interdisciplinary and represented the blurring of the lines between architectural theory and design. The overriding themes of the projects were to: •Demonstrate the use of resources more economically •Embrace sustainably •Focus on affordability What amazed us as we walked through the large space, was the amount of different types of the buildings designed by these students, the many places around the world in which they chose to create their projects (see map above) and the design of housing for the poor and homeless displaced around the globe.

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