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I am pleasantly pleased with this item. I have been looking for a printer for some time, even purchased an Epson inkjet for a little over a hundred dollars that I was not happy with because the ink dried up on it so quickly. My problem was that I had a monochrome laser printer that was working perfectly fine that was not wireless. And I really felt that the color laser printers were just out the ballpark for me, along with the cartridges. Then I found this little beauty. Well, not so little. Upon opening the box, it was slightly larger than I had plan but the features were great. It connected to all of my Google files easily and I'm able to scan more files to my Google files. Huge plus. I'm a teletherapist and I was looking for something like. Hour: Mon - Fri 10:00am - 6:00pm Payment : card, amex, paypal Year : 2000
Treet banj cillia Printers
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