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Traditional Butcher in Earl Shilton

Serving quality meats to Earl Shilton and the Surrounding area. Our team accumulates over 80 years of experience in Butchery, Catering & Hospitality.



All of our beef comes from Native breeds in England & Ireland. We have joints like Topside, Silverside and Brisket. We also have sirloin, fillet, tomahawk, rib rye & rump steaks as well as our very own crafted burgers.


We have a collection of cut joints perfect for roasting or slow cooking. We have Topside, Silverside & Brisket.


We have a collection of traditional beef cuts including Fillet, Rump, Rib Eye, Sirloin, Tomahawk & T-Bone. Ask us in the shop and we can cut to your size.

Sausages & Burgers

We sell beef mince and use this to craft our very own beef sausages and burgers using our traditional recipe.



Our succulent lamb is sourced as locally as possible unless out of season, where we then import from New Zealand. We have lamb chops, shoulder, rack of lamb, steaks, rolled joints, leg and Mince.


Leg & Shoulder

Our succulent leg & shoulder of lamb are delicious for a large Sunday Dinner. The leg produces, lean & tender meat when roasted. The shoulder contains more fat and is better slow-cooked to break down the fats producing delicious juicy meat.


Chops & Steaks

We have a collection of lamb chops and steaks. From Loin Chops, Rib Chops, Rumps and more. We also serve rack of lamb ribs.


Mince & Kebabs

We can offer Lamb Mince and also sell our very own lamb Koftas ready for the BBQ.



We keep the finest local cuts of Pork at our Butchers in Earl Shilton. We have Pork Joints, Pork Chops, Sausages, Bacon, Gammon & more.


Ham, Bacon & Gammon

We have a collection of bacon & gammon ready to collect. We have smoked and unsmoked cuts of streaky & back bacon and cuts of Gammon and Ham.


Pork Sausages

We have a collection of traditional and speciality pork sausages. Our specially crafted blend of local pork and herbs, spices and blends will make your mouth water. 




The Rare Butcher
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