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Product Update

Product Update

Product Update March 2015

The EMS vibrators are also available in two formats, the traditional as shown in the pictures and now in M versions, which position the elastomers on the side rather than on top to reduce the height of the unit.


Plastic Piling has many benefits and has found uses in applications such as retaining walls, scour and erosion control, flood defences, emergency breach repairs, shoring, cut-off walls, channel linings, dams, weirs, and revetments. Plastic Piling is now of the M1 and M6 Motorways, providing scour protection under bridges, reinforcing and repairing flood walls and embankment.



Rail application for MultiLock Scour protection



The application benefiting from:

  • Long life – they do not rot or corrode
  • High chemical resistance
  • Exceptionally light ideal for manual handling and easy transportation
  • Spark proof
  • Well-designed interlocks offer low permeability
  • PVC not only provides excellent structural properties but comes from recycled material




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