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MultiLock at the Botanical Gardens – novel temporary works solutions
How Britain worked – see MultiLock in action, episode now available on 4OD Birmingham Botanical Gardens may seem an unlikely place to explore the wonders of the Industrial Revolution, but hidden behind its fragrant borders Guy Martin finds a hidden world of hi-tech Victorian engineering, show-off architecture, intrepid plant-hunte…rs scouring the furthest corners of the Empire, and city fathers terrified of the ‘degenerate’ urban poor. As Guy helps to get the gardens back into shape, he tries to learn one of the Industrial Revolution’s most skilful and dangerous jobs: blowing glass for the gardens’ enormous greenhouses. He has a go at rebuilding the very first lawnmower – another great British invention. Guy also uses a little-known 19th-century technique to make his own rock to go in the garden’s restored rockery and then – if all goes to plan – he’ll be given the job of turning on his newly installed fountain at the grand opening ceremony.
In the following photos you will see the use of MultiLock with steel tubes providing a novel temporary works solutions, where props and struts could not be used and rocks were located all around.  The MultiLock Plastic Piling was installed using a small air hammer off a spider crane

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