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 Welcome to The New Curry Centre, your gateway to the rich and flavourful world of Indian cuisine in Horsham, West Sussex. We are not just an Indian restaurant and takeaway; we celebrate India's culinary heritage.


Indian cuisine is celebrated globally for its bold and intricate flavours, aromatic spices, and an extensive array of dishes that tell stories of culture and tradition. At The New Curry Centre, we pay homage to this culinary legacy by offering a menu that reflects the very essence of India. Our dishes are a fusion of traditional recipes and contemporary innovations, delivering an authentic yet innovative dining experience.


Our chefs are skilled artisans who craft each dish with precision and care. Whether it's the rich and creamy curries, the smoky perfection of tandoori specialities, or the fragrant allure of biryanis, each plate is a masterpiece. We source only the finest ingredients to ensure that every bite is a journey through the flavours of India.

The New Curry Centre
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