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When it comes to choosing a sundeck, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the huge ranges of decking available. Here at The Mayfield Group, we want you to feel comfortable, proud and excited about your new sundeck. This guide can help you choose the right decking for you and your holiday home. The Big Question… Hampton or Focus Decking? While you can rest assured any Mayfield Deck is of superior quality and will last many years, there are some key differences between our two ranges, Hampton and Focus. To ensure you can choose the right decking for you, it is key to understand the difference between our two decking brands. Hampton Decking is our most popular Decking range, thanks to it’s cutting edge incorporation of the very latest technology with a modern, clean finish. Hampton Decking is further enhanced with it’s unique integrated LED handrail which makes it ideal for any static caravan, as the stunning lighting means you can enjoy your sundeck through the day and into the night! Our Hampton Decking range is also our only range to include optional handrail heights, so you can choose the best, most comfortable option for you!

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