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  • Light Emitting Diodes and LED systems from UVC to Infrared
  • Single- and multimode laser diodes and laser diode modules from 266nm to 1850nm
  • Thermal blackbody IR emitters



  • Silicon Photomultipliers
  • Visible and NIR-enhanced silicon photodiodes
  • UV silicon photodiodes - responsive to <1nm for spectrometry, laser and ion/electron/x-ray detection
  • Lead-Sulphide (1-3.1µm) and Lead Selenide (1-5.5µm)
  • Multi-channel photon-counting DAQs
  • Multi-channel charge integrating Data Acquisition Systems (DAQs)


Liquid Crystal Optical Components

  • Fast Optical Shutters
  • Fast Polarisation Modulators and Variable Polarisation Rotators
  • Variable Neutral Density Filters
  • Switchable and Tuneable Colour Filters



  • 180nm to 2500nm compact & ultra-compact spectrometers


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A name you can trust


At APT our name is more than a catchy acronym and stands for the unique products we offer and our approach to business. We offer a responsive, intelligent service designed to provide solutions which help our customers compete in their own markets. With APT you are guaranteed clear and open communication and strong technical support. 

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