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The tesseract is a 4-dimensional cube. It was chosen as a logo to symbolise the 4 dimensions of data science: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Statistics and Business. The mission of the Tesseract Academy is to integrate all those elements together into a coherent story, and deliver this to you. The Tesseract Academy is run by Stylianos Kampakis, a data scientist with a decade of experience across the industry and academia. The idea to create the Tesseract Academy came out of his frustration with the current state of public knowledge in data science. He realised that was being asked the same things again and again, because most non-technical decision makers didn’t have anyone to help them out. For most decision makers the choice was between going to an expensive consultancy or doing nothing. But not all companies can actually afford the incredibly high rates that consultancies charge. Also, most companies want results fast, not endless meetings and long project plans that inflate the prices. It was clear that was needed was a new, more efficient approach. Thus the Tesseract Academy was born. The Tesseract Academy holds regular workshops and provides in-house executive training for the following subjects: data science, software development and blockchain. Please visit our services page to learn more.
Tesseract Academy Ltd
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