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About Us

Techni-Grind is a sub-contract supplier of precision tool regrinding services to the aerospace and general engineering industries, with clients ranging from the smallest workshop to the largest aerospace manufacturers. We pride ourselves in being one of a few truly independent regrinding services and believe in getting the absolute maximum out of a tool before it needs to be replaced, providing maximum savings for our clients. A flexible approach is adopted, which means we can prioritise some rush jobs, ie: machine stop due to lack of tools, and make them available within 24 hours.


Originally starting out with conventional grinding machines in 1991, we have invested in CNC machinery since 2000 with Walter and have a total of 6 machines installed to date, with 2 of them featuring robot loading capabilities for “lights out” running. In addition to the investment in advanced grinding technology, we use Walter's ToolStudio which allows us to visualise and program the tool onscreen. To ensure quality, a Walter HeliCheck is used to ensure that the tools coming off the machine are to specification. We are accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and undergoing the process required for ISO 14000. In addition to these certifications, we are also approved suppliers to several international tooling companies.


We have a Tier 1 approval with BAE Systems for regrinding their Carbide & High Speed Steel end mills, drills and reamers to their exacting specifications. We have the ability to regrind Carbide and High Speed Steel (HSS) end mills, reamers, drills, circular knifes, countersinks and circular saws. There are also options for Edge Rounding and Coating to be applied to the client's specification to help further improve the tool life. We are able to produce bespoke, special, low volume tools, working alongside the client ,ensuring individual requirements are met and surpassed.

Techni Grind (Preston) Ltd

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