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As a subsidiary of the Takenaka organisation, (one of the leading prestigious Japanese security equipment manufacturers), TAKEX Europe Ltd have been regarded as a market leader in the UK perimeter security industry for more than 25 years. With a portfolio of products which include PIR's (both outdoor as well as indoor), Microwave, Glass-Break, Door sensors, motion activated Voice Speakers and Flame Sensors, TAKEX is most highly regarded for its range of active infrared beam products. This range includes specialist beams, including the covert beams which are ideal for discrete use, reflector beams (which are now available as an external product), long range beams (up to 600m), intrinsically safe beams, twin beams, although the flagship product is the Intelligent Synchro Quad range, along with a range of different accessories such as towers, flush mount kits, cages etc. This means that TAKEX are in a position to provide bespoke protection for nearly any situation. TAKEX can provide advice to installers and end users, and where viable TAKEX can also conduct site visits in conjunction with clients to best match the clients requirements with the products offered.
Takex Europe Ltd

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