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With a heritage spanning 4 generations, TB Davies combines traditional family values, with a dedication to keeping our colleagues, community and customers safe. From our modern 3.5 acre facility in Cardiff Bay, we make sure every fitting, material and solution is carefully designed and stringently checked to keep you safe when working at height. Our founder Bryn Davies, a veteran of the Great War and something of a business entrepreneur between the wars became a Warrant Officer during the Second World War. It was here he met future Managing Director Colin Morgan as a young man, concerned about life after the war. To reassure Colin, Bryn made him a promise that a job would be waiting when the war was over. As peace was declared in 1945, Bryn sold his house to finance the fledgling business and keep the promise made to his friend. Just as a ladder is more than metal and rungs, Bryn understood there was more to his company than just the product. It has been more than seventy years now and TB Davies has had a lot of wonderful people help build what he started. Bryn would be proud to see how together that passion has built an epic past, a safer present and an exciting future.
T.B. Davies (Cardiff) Ltd
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