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With a career spanning more than 25 years in the industry, Stephanie has established herself as one of the most respected and sought after hair extension experts in the UK and abroad. Complete with an impressive A-list following, Stephanie takes a truly bespoke approach to every client, using the most innovative application techniques combined with the ultimate in luxurious hair from all over the world for the perfect finish. Stephanie began her career in hairdressing in her native Ireland at 16 years old, where she fell in love with the industry. She soon moved to London to work with Charles Worthington, where she honed her hairdressing skills. Stephanie started to develop a keen interest in hair extensions and joined forces with Antenna Hair Salon in Kensington, pioneers of hair extensions in the UK allowing her to showcase her work on the catwalk at London and New York Fashion Weeks. After mastering the art of hair enhancements, Stephanie went on to support the teams at the esteemed Josh Wood Atelier and George Northwood Salon, before embarking on the launch of her own, unveiling the Stephanie Pollard Salon in 2015. Now situated in a discreet, private spot in Chelsea, a stone’s throw from the prestigious King’s Road, Stephanie creates an exceptional experience from the moment a client rings the bell. Stephanie’s colour and texture-matching technique is as individual as each client, allowing her to tend to every tress. Whether it’s jaw dropping Rapunzel lengthening locks, volume boosting or subtle colour enhancements, Stephanie often combines application methods to create the perfect match for each hair type and texture. Teamed with a personalised aftercare program, clients can rest assured they are in safe hands. Whatever the hair wish, Stephanie will craft a custom blend hair enhancement plan, ensuring every client leaves with more confidence, as well as gorgeous, natural looking hair.
Stephanie Pollard

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