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About Us

St. Peter's International School is a private school located in Palmela (nearby Lisbon). Children will be able to enter in the Nursery and progress to College. The principles of the College are based on the integral formation of the child and the young, valuing academic and professional success. Considering the cosmopolitan spirit of the school, the English language acquires relevance in the educational context, being present from the Kindergarten to the Secondary School. Because it is considered relevant to acquire other languages, there is a clear bet in languages such as Spanish, German and Latin. The college provides a daily transportation service, upon request, to its students. As it is an optional service, it is up to the caretaker, when registering, to mention the intended stop. Numerous extracurricular activities are also available. The activities have come throughout the life of the college, to assume an increasingly important importance in the integral and eclectic formation of the students.
St. Peter’s International School
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