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Second generation PCB supplier: The first generation of PCB supplier was technology driven. Spirit embrace the second generation of PCB supplier by taking a more holistic approach. Providing high mix medium quantities manufactured in the UK, whilst importing higher volumes from assessed partners throughout the world. This approach provides Spirit customers with the most appropriate solution to any PCB requirement. As a second generation PCB supplier, Spirit take a partnership approach, driven by customer needs, providing honest communication and understanding the individual needs & expectations of our customers. Built on a solid foundation: In 2004, Spirit Circuits acquired PCB factories at Waterlooville, Hampshire and Thatcham, Berkshire -together with a team of people with extensive experience and knowledge. These people are the driving force in our manufacturing activities - their innovative and creative approach ensure that Spirit utilise the latest technologies and techniques to produce the best products. High mix, medium volume: Spirit recognises the needs of our customers to have high mix, medium volume orders supplied from within the UK. These orders often require a high level of close communication, as well as needing faster and more flexible deliveries. Spirit is an agile manufacturer that can meet these demands. Because we care: The positive and keen approach taken by all the Spirit team is fundamental to our success, and that of our customers. It is only by going that extra mile, that Spirit can properly meet the diverse needs of our client-base.
Spirit Circuits Limited

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