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Soprema is thrilled to announce the launch of its groundbreaking drone service, set to transform the landscape of roof surveys. This innovative solution combines advanced thermal imaging technology with traditional drone surveys to deliver unparalleled insights into flat roofs, paving the way for more efficient refurbishment projects and enhanced safety protocols.

The new drone service from Soprema boasts a range of unique selling points (USPs) designed to revolutionize the industry:

1. Thermal Imaging and Moisture Mapping: By integrating thermal imaging capabilities, our drones can accurately detect moisture and identify areas of potential concern, ensuring proactive maintenance and reducing the risk of costly damage.

2. Health and Safety: With the ability to conduct surveys remotely, the risk to personnel is significantly reduced, enhancing overall safety protocols on-site. In addition, inspections of fragile roofs is made easier.

3. High-Resolution Imaging: Our drones capture high-resolution images, providing clients with detailed insights into the condition of their roofs and facilitating informed decision-making.

4. Accessible App: Clients can access all survey information and images through a dedicated app, offering convenience and transparency. Even unused images are available, ensuring comprehensive access to data.

5. Design Capabilities: Utilising survey measurement tools, our service can provide tailored design solutions, including tapered schemes, upstand heights, and existing roof falls, streamlining the refurbishment process.

6. Environmental Benefits: By minimising the need for physical travel, our drone service contributes to significant reductions in CO2 emissions, aligning with sustainability goals.

7. Versatility: Our drones can survey various structures, including roofs, car parks, podiums, and inaccessible areas, offering unparalleled versatility.

8. Fault Detection: In addition to structural assessments, our drones can detect non-functioning PV panels in arrays and identify areas of heat loss, such as rooflights and domes.

9. Time and Cost Savings: Compared to traditional survey methods, our drone service offers substantial time and cost savings, optimising project efficiency and maximising ROI.

10. Enhanced Safety: Unlike handheld equipment, our drones eliminate the need for physical access to roofs, reducing health and safety risks and minimizing disruption to site operations.

11. Time and Cost Savings: Streamline the survey process, saving both time and costs compared to traditional survey methods. Budget costs can be provided in a short time frame.

Commenting on the launch, Mike Vaczi (Technical Director) at Soprema, stated: “We are excited to introduce our cutting-edge drone service, which combines state-of-the-art technology with practical solutions to address the evolving needs of the industry. With its comprehensive capabilities and unparalleled efficiency, we believe this service will set a new standard for roof surveys, benefiting our clients and the environment alike.”

Compared to handheld equipment, our drone services offer significant advantages, including heightened safety, superior imaging capabilities, and minimal site intrusion. By choosing Soprema’s drone services, you eliminate the need for physical roof access, ensuring a safer and more efficient survey process.

We look forward to discussing how our innovative drone services can specifically meet your needs. For further information please contact our Technical Team.


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