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Ameripolish® PCA™ is a penetrating curing agent that chemically hardens and dust-proofs concrete for improved abrasion resistance without forming a coating. PCA™ is recommended on newly placed concrete to add initial water and stain repellency while retaining slab moisture for improved curing. PCA™ requires no UV light for dissipation and can be used with integrally colored concrete. Unlike traditional Cure and Seal products, PCA™ does not form a membrane that must be removed via chemical strippers or aggressive metal bond tools prior to polishing.


• Improves cure by retaining slab moisture • Drastically reduces crazing and map cracking • High penetrating, non-film forming – no need to grind or chemically remove membrane to dye/seal and burnish • Forms hydrophobic barrier to increase stain repellency • Improves scratch and abrasion resistance • Helps reduce efflorescence and minimizes dust for healthier indoor air quality • Odorless, non-flammable, VOC compliant • Replaces traditional Cure & Seal products on new concrete

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