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With a small loan from us you get a fast response following a straightforward application. In the first instance you will need: Your name; addresses for the past 3 years; telephone number; details of your income and employment if applicable. If you feel your credit is below par don’t be put off; we treat each application on its own merits. As long as you have not been declared bankrupt in the last 6 years, you will be considered for a loan with Small Loans Ltd. Once you’ve applied, one of our friendly agents will call you within 48 hours (24 hours mon-fri) to let you know if you’re eligible. Then the agent will complete your loan in person and pay out your cash the same day provided your loan application has been accepted. With our personal service from your own home you will receive the whole amount without any hidden charges or fees. We offer a fixed interest rate, which means you will never pay more on your loan than you agree to initially. The interest will be calculated up front. This means that from the beginning you will know exactly how much you will pay back. You and your agent will arrange a date and time each week/fortnight/month to collect your repay-ments. If you make your repayments on time then it will increase your chances of borrowing in the future. If you regularly pay your repayments as agreed it may increase the chances of future credit being granted, however if you regularly pay lower than the agreed amount your account may go into ar-rears.
Small Loans Limited

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