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Established in 1971, Leicestershire based Shelton Vision are highly regarded as specialists in the design, manufacture and application of digital camera systems for surface and product inspection. Our latest digital camera technology and specialised lighting systems which operate on a flexible and powerful software platform can be used to identify defects in almost any type of web material; woven, non-woven and knitted fabrics, laminates, composites, metals, coatings and a wide range of technical fabrics. Since our establishment we have quickly gained an excellent reputation for the production of pioneering developments within textile equipment and machinery, which has now transformed us into a market leading machine vision technology company by the current CEO, Mark Shelton The spirit of continuous and focused development remains a key strength of the current machine vision design and manufacturing business with no better example than the unique features and benefits developed and incorporated in the unrivalled Shelton Vision WebSPECTOR System, a technical leader in surface inspection machine vision systems for demanding applications. Shelton is actively seeking new applications for machine vision technology and strategies to advance the performance of their customers with enhanced system benefits through technology and commercial partnership.
Shelton Vision

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