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Shaft Limited is a supplier of furniture designed to contribute to ergonomics in the workplace. We believe that for maximum comfort and correct posture whilst working, it is important that both the chair and the work surface used, are fit for the purpose. The chair should be set at the correct height, so that the user's feet can be flat on the floor with their upper legs supported by the seat, but without undue upward pressure. The back of the chair should be set not only to support the weight of the user, but to support the lumber region, minimise outward spine curvature and support upward posture. The work surface should then be set to at the correct height to suit the user's sitting position. These enable the user to maintain the selected sitting position, without the need to constantly re-adjust. When both seat and desk are at the correct settings, maximum comfort and work ease will be achieved. Height adjustable desk frames come into their own whenever the workplace is used by more than a single user. As with the chair, the work surface can be quickly adjusted to the new users comfort settings. Typical examples are: Call Centres Multi shift functions Reception and security areas Educational and training rooms Literally, any workplace that needs to cater for more than one user will benefit from this flexibility. This includes domestic use, where the unit is used by both parents and children (computer use, gaming, etc). Height adjustable working frames come in many styles, sizes and functions. A sit/stand work station option is also available. This enables users to vary their working positions, from the sitting position, to standing. Benefits include a significant reduction in musculoskeletal discomfort. Multiple scientific studies have shown that if a person regularly stands behind their desk when working, can lead to 60% reduction in neck and shoulder pain as well as other work related injuries. Our 'Professional' frame, will effortlessly convert from the sitting height to the standing height of the user. The sit/stand frames are electrically driven to enable a quick change in height. They are also available in several styles and height adjustment sizes, customising to the user.

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