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We are electronic components distributors worldwide. We offer expertise in delivering electronic Components to manufacturers around the world in a wide range of industries. S&K Universal Electronics PVT LTD, your number one source for all Electronic Components, we’re dedicated to giving you the best services, with a focus on all obsolete electronic components like inductors, capacitors, integrated circuits, oscillators, power modules, relays etc… We are a distribution company that places a strong emphasis on response time and is customer-focused. It is one of the main specifications used by producers of electronic items. Any delay in component acquisition equals a delay in product production, which ultimately leads to dissatisfied customers and a reduction in income. We always make sure to keep our stockpiles full of components because we are aware of the effects that delayed delivery times can have on our valued clients. This way, we can complete any incoming order as soon as possible.
S&K Universal Electronics PVT LTD

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