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About Us

S4 Engineering is a leading UK-based supplier of liquid and powder process solution equipment, spares, and consumables in the UK. We serve a range of industries including food, beverage, brewery, bakery, dairy, and utilities within the UK and overseas.


Through strategic partnerships, S4 Engineering delivers comprehensive turnkey solutions, ensuring a seamless and integrated approach. By offering a centralised and independent source for procuring equipment and spares - be it mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, or control-related - we have earned a reputation for providing focused and top-notch service across the board.


Diverse Process Expertise: Experienced in process engineering for food, beverage, brewery, dairy, and industrial sectors, providing full-cycle solutions, including upgrades.

Single Source Supplier: Choose us to design and modify process plants, reducing the need for additional project management specialists.

Thorough Plant Audits: Assess hygienic quality, risk factors, efficiency, and cost-saving opportunities in process plants.

Comprehensive Project Engineering: Our skilled team integrates multiple expertise areas for on-budget, timely project solutions.


We provide services from consultancy right through to design and build of complete systems, with a high level of technical expertise that results in visible and proven reductions in overall total operating costs. In addition, we have the inhouse capability that provides 24/7 on-site service and support, along with remote software (SCADA/HMI) support that is tailored to suit individual sites’ needs.

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