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I would like to introduce the unique Room Service App for Hotels. My company has developed and supplied hospitality software for more than 14 years. The Room Service App is the result of this accumulated expertise, industry knowledge and experience. The Room Service App, with or without luxury shop, is free to hotels; our income is derived from the App user, an Annual Subscription of £5 to the Room Service Club where client hotels can upload special offers and Loyalty points are earned. We provide customisation of the app, making it “your hotel's app". Hotels do not need to invest in expensive software development; we act as a free bolt-on programming resource. Where the Room Service App with luxury shop is feasible, hotels in major cities with a predominance of tourist holidaying in the UK, hotels could enjoy profits of up to 25%, we earn 5% per sales transaction. I will start the shop with no more than 50 luxury products from £65 cost; some of the products will cost several £100’s. Service Overview can be downloaded from:
Room Service App Ltd

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