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About Us

RMGroup offers an extensive selection of process and packaging solutions, both manual and automated. With our commitment to outstanding service and post-sales support, we fulfill the needs of various industries by providing affordable products of superior quality.

Our diverse range of solutions encompasses the following:

  • We specialize in industrial robot systems for picking, placing, and palletizing, ensuring efficient and precise operations.
  • Our high-speed form fill & seal packaging machinery (VFFS) guarantees swift and reliable packaging.
  • We offer pre-made bag placers, manual bagging systems, weighing systems, bulk bagging, and material handling systems to cater to different packaging requirements.
  • Additionally, our automated guided vehicles (AGVs) streamline internal logistics and transportation processes.

At RMGroup, we are dedicated to delivering optimal solutions that enhance productivity and meet the demands of the industry.

Rees Machinery Group Ltd

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