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Smart Sensors and Systems to Make a Difference in the Global Challenges from Plastic Pollution in our Oceans through to the impacts of Flooding, Water Supply Resilience, Drought, Urbanisation and Temperature Extremes associated with Climate Change, plus blocked Sewer and Drainage Alarms. We design and manufacture Smart Sensors, Radio Telemetry, Real-Time Data, Satellite IoT and retro-fit Actuator Systems, to enable the construction of systems to help improve the speed of incident reporting, urban water supply resilience, improve transport safety, reduce flooding and to protect our aquatic environment from pollution such as plastics and mine waters. We offer a unique range of proven proactive building blocks that can be used to offer low cost upgrades to existing the infrastructure, SCADA and Telemetry to reduce pollution, improve safety and resilience, whilst reporting via existing data portals for a wide range of sectors, from Water, Wastewater, Rail, Manufacturing, Healthcare to Mining. We also have solutions for the UK market to replace obsolete BT leased line services.
Radio Data Networks Limited

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