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Radio Data Networks have a history spanning over 25-years in the remote monitoring and radio telemetry industry. We are the UKs largest provider of licenced radio links and smart sensors for applications such as sewer monitoring where it currently delivers approaching 100-million messages per annum over its Ofcom licenced band that covers the whole of the UK from Northern Ireland right down the to Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey. Radio Data Networks has developed an ever expanding range of smart sensors that include: water level transducers, fluid flow sensors, vibration analysis and temperature profiling plus a range of interfaces, data concentrators and drivers that permit data to be ported to and/or from both modern and legacy systems such as PLC controllers, BMS outstations and SCADA. Our In-house R&D facilities include: underground test chambers, test pits with cast iron and pressed steel covers, flow rigs, RF spectrum analysers, signal generators, network analysers, EMC test antenna, portable masts and a machine shop. Radio Data Networks is able to deliver a wide range of projects at minimal cost and with a relatively short lead-time.
Radio data networks

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