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Race-Tec have the know-how to provide bespoke made sealing solutions to meet with the vigorous needs of modern day motorsport. The in house design and development facilities use the updated computer aided engineering software for 3D design and finite element analysis. With our specialist test rig for rotary seals, we are able to develop and validate designs for both high speed and high pressure applications, with full data capture of temperature, torque, speed and pressure. Our Low Friction Seals are race proven at the greatest levels. Whether it be reduced frictional power losses, pressure or vacuum retention, reduction in size and weight, High Tear Resistant Drive Shaft CV Boots, AV mounts, Accumulator Bladders or Precision Mouldings. All products are manufactured in house using modern PLC controlled equipment to the requirements of the BS EN ISO9001:2015 quality management system.
Race-Tec Sealing Limited
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