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R. STAHL are the explosion protection experts. We, as a group operating internationally, are leading the way for EX technology. With our range of products covering explosion protected switches, pushbuttons and light fittings through controls to complex systems, we are the only manufacturer able to offer the entire range of different explosion protection methods (types of protection). Our subsidiaries in over 20 countries can ensure you have full coverage sales services and international project handling. The R. STAHL brand is synonymous with the very highest quality and demanding solutions. Our key accounts are the gas and oil industry, in addition to the chemical and pharmaceuticals industries. However, we also serve customers in the food industry, the shipbuilding sector and the biofuel industry who also need to use explosion protected products. Likewise, R. STAHL products can be found in sewage treatment plants, water conditioning plants and distilleries. For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at
R-Stahl Ltd

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