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Pudsey Mould Company are passionately committed to providing a comprehensive service to the glass container industry. Our aim is to provide a quality service that is affordable, whilst striving to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. Pudsey Mould Company was established in 1996, and since this time has become one of the leading glass mould repair and refurbishment companies in the UK. We operate from a customised 2,500 sq. ft. factory, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, where we have a small, highly skilled workforce with a wealth of knowledge and experience to under take a wide variety of engineering work. Because of our size and flexibility we are able to offer single piece production, or batch style production to suit customer's needs. Our machine shop setup allows us to carry out work for the glass mould industry and for many other industries that require small to medium sized components. Coupled to our machining cap4ability we have a dedicated welding bay offering the most up to date spray welding techniques, and a full manual fitting and polishing section. The company has a commitment to investment in new skills and machinery and can offer the latest in computer aided design technology through solid works 2006 and cam works 2006. Our designated onsite CAD/CAM office, allows total control over the “design concept” to “realisation stage” with the minimum of fuss. Coupled with our CNC turning and milling capability, we can offer a cost effective service with quality assurance. In today’s age of quick deliveries, Pudsey Mould Company offer a service which appreciates and acknowledges the constraints placed upon our customers. We pride ourselves on being flexible yet precise in all projects undertaken, and in establishing close working relationships with our customers.
Pudsey Mould Company Ltd

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