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New FIS specifiers guide for SFS

In  early 2020 PROTEKTOR were invited to join a FIS working group to produce “The Specifiers’ Guide to SFS External Wall Systems”.

Our SFS & Business Development Manager Mr Daryl Lewis working alongside manufacturers and installers of SFS external wall systems joined a specialist group within the Industry.

With the FIS at the helm they commenced a journey to provide a guide for SFS that would help and assist architects, engineers, designers and installers through the stages in designing, selecting and specifying steel framed systems to form the external envelope for steel and concrete framed buildings. This guide was published in July 2021.

There is still a great deal of work being done and Protektor are committed to supporting the FIS in their Quest to produce an industry advice for the future.

For more information on New FIS specifiers guide for SFS talk to Protektor Group UK Limited

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