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Welding performance fluids Innovative. Sustainable. Achieving process improvement in metal working industries with clever solutions is at the core of PROTEC. The solutions are developed with chemical fluids on a sustainable basis – safe and environmentally friendly. Products are directly developed in collaboration with leading companies in each category to safeguard a precise match and practical solutions. PROTEC is a family business that represents honest quality and reliability. PROTEC develops and distributes biotech fluids in three application fields: welding, laser cutting, wire processing. With regard to welding PROTEC provides premium surface protection against hot metal spatter to obtain maximum surface quality and perfect coating results on welded parts. During laser cutting sheet metal and pipe surfaces are protected from spatter and slag that develops during the cutting process – productivity and quality increase. As part of the third product field, PROTEC fluids provide solutions for purification and coating for wires. This guarantees perfect processing. The most important application field for said PROTEC WLS products (wire lubrication system) is the treatment of wire electrodes. This results in significantly improved and stable welding and soldering processes.
PROTEC Trading GmbH
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