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Helping Businesses Grow, And Customers Save. We do deals with leading businesses in your area to create a win-win scenario: savings for you and more turnover for them. Whether you need to eat, get a haircut, pick up some flowers, spend a day in a spa or get a tyre changed, we’re here to make sure you can pocket a saving. Pocket10Percent grew out of a need for local communities and businesses to work together to achieve positive results. Local enterprises need to flourish, while local consumers need to find the best value for their money. Huge stores and online retailers have an unfair advantage. Let’s work to get the balance right. If local businesses are cheaper, you’ll use them more often. Students get a discount, staff get a discount, shareholders get a discount, even civil servants get a discount. So why not YOU? You won’t have to haggle or go elsewhere for a bargain ever again, and you might make new friends in the process!
Pocket 10 Percent

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