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Batteries All types of battery stocked - alkaline, lithium ion, silver oxide, nickel hydride, zinc carbon and lead acid. Top brand names including Duracell, GP, Yuasa, Procell, Varta and Uniross. Also a wide range of battery chargers, battery clips and holders. Batteries for all applications including laptop batteries, phone batteries, and camcorder batteries. All sizes of battery available, AAA, AA, C, D, and PP3, together with coin cells and rechargeable batteries. Computer Cables Printer cables, networking cables, firewire leads and connectors, USB cables, Cat5e cables and all other computer and peripheral connection cables. Monitor cables including DVI, RGB and SVGA monitor cables. Ethernet cables and all networking cables and accessories. Electrical Supplies Full range of cables, connectors, batteries, fuses, circuit breakers, fans, motors, power supplies and PA and audio equipment from the top manufacturers. Products by Adda, Papst, MFA, Duracell, Neutrik, Assemtech, Camden, PowerPax and Storm. Wide range of security and warning equipment in stock, together with control gear, DIN terminals, electrical products and lighting. Electrical Connectors Audio and video connectors including SVHS connectors, jack connectors and DIN connectors. Also phono, loudspeaker and XLR connectors. Mains connectors including touchproof and weatherproof connectors, DC power connectors and C6 and C14 connectors. Full range of multipole connectors including IDC, D connectors, HDMI connectors and leads, DIL sockets, SIL sockets and IEEE-488 connectors.
PMB Electrical Supplies Ltd
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