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We produce quality personalised playing cards, custom decks of cards and promotional playing cards in a range of sizes, and you can order any number of cards in a pack. We ensure a highly professional finish on all of our packs of cards, using 320gsm Linen Finish casino-grade playing card board, with a plastic coating. Designing and creating all of our custom card decks in-house means that we have greater flexibility than most, and so are able to create customised playing cards for all sorts of purposes. As an example, we are not limited to standard playing card faces, as we take the blank large sheets of card and print onto them here, either from your own image files or from the images you have commissioned from our graphic designers. This flexibility means we can customise any elements of a card design, incorporating logos, brand colours, bespoke imagery, personalised court card design, single sided or double sided personalisation or branding, or you can opt to have just one colour changed on a traditional pack of cards – the choice really is yours. To find out more or to chat about an idea you have for a personalised pack of cards just get in touch with one of the team, emailing or call 01206 262751. We look forward to hearing from you!
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