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Specialist 5 Axis CNC Routing Services
Check out our Specialist 5 Axis CNC Routing Services! We offer 5 axis CNC routing services as part of our design and production process. We take your initial ideas or preliminary sketches, mock up product or a simply a description of what you require, and using SolidWorks CAD technology we are able to produce 3D models and technical drawings ? to ensure your product is Product Design Companies what you envisage before proceeding to manufacture. Solidworks is also capable of entertaining complex assemblies, so if your product is a combination of more than just one part, we can mate them together to make certain that there are no issues with collisions and that they assemble together correctly before any actual machining takes place. Feel free to call us at +44 (0) 1909 726 666 if you want further details about Specialist 5 Axis CNC Routing Services.

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