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At Photonic Solutions we provide world leading photonic products backed up with the highest quality service and support. We are the exclusive distributor for over 20 of the world's premier manufacturers of lasers, spectrometers, detectors and related systems and are now regarded as Europe’s leading supplier of optoelectronics components to the photonics market. Our product portfolio is extensive, offering a wide range of laser systems including Nd:YAG, Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS), Dye, OPO, Diode, Ultra-fast, Fibre, Microchip, HeNe, HeCd, Argon ion, Nitrogen and Excimer lasers, together with optics, laser dyes, spectroscopy instrumentation, laser diagnostics, detectors and laser safety equipment. In addition to this site, we also have our online photonics web shop, where customers can securely purchase a wide range of products on-line for next day delivery.
Photonic Solutions

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