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Our principal consultant, Ian Pocock, is a Chartered Engineer, a member of the Institution of Engineering & Technology and the Energy Institute. He has spent 23+ years working in the field of radio, telecommunications and electromagnetics. Ian has been involved in the UKAS accreditation of three test facilities. Well-known through the defence EMC and Radio Hazard community, Ian most recently managed the EMC/RadHaz Group at Thales Missile Electronics. The field of electromagnetics is often seen as a black-art; with our assistance you can navigate through the minefield, whilst minimising your costs. EMC is often seen as a final test discipline, this is false, it is a design discipline. As such, it should be considered as early as possible in the design process, reducing the risk of costly remedial processes and redesign at a later stage. Adherence to a set of design rules can mitigate the high risk of test failure. We can offer all of the support you need to take a product from concept through to testing with a high degree of confidence.
Peak Electromagnetics Ltd

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