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In recent years, our innovative company has grown from a background of radio engineering in highly demanding applications within military and emergency services sectors. This experience gained over a decade of exposure in these markets meeting the needs for reliability and performance, has provided us with a range of powerful products finding new applications in commercial and industrial sectors. Our blend of commonsense engineering and added value software has been used to produce systems to suit the needs of customers across a number of sectors from Prisons to Shopping Centres. The basic formula has been highly successful and grown with customers’ expectations and technical improvements in the basic radio product. Customers now expect more from their radio communications through the huge advancements in mobile telephone technology over the last few years and the facilities which are now taken for granted. PMR Products produce innovative and complete solutions to make the use of private radio more attractive and useable. Sensible and easy to use functions may be added to standard radio equipment through additional control software operating over the network or hardware connecting into each radio. Our software and associated products offers an opportunity to create new solutions and add value and capability to standard digital radio systems. We welcome new ideas for opportnities and applcations working with our sales partners to open up this exciting world of IP and software driven radio.
P M R Products Ltd

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