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We handmake all our bespoke, fully sprung mattresses to any size or shape, using natural fillings and traditional techniques which have been honed and perfected over many generations. We aim to make the eight or so hours that you spend sleeping each night the best that they can possibly be, helping to ensure that the hours you spend awake are more productive and rewarding. On account of this mission, we believe that a handmade, fully sprung, quality mattress is an investment which is often overlooked; which has the potential to enhance every aspect of your life, by simply making the hours spent sleeping as restorative and comfortable as possible. At The Odd Company, each mattress is a bespoke creation designed and crafted with you in mind, to meet your specific requirements. No size is off-limits, as we are able to make each of our mattresses (as well as our bed divans and bed bases) to any dimension or shape.
Odd Mattress Company

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