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About Us

Welcome to Oakfield Equine, where we understand the profound bond between you and your equine companions. As a leading provider of equine end-of-life services, we offer compassionate and dignified care during difficult times. Our range of services, including Horse Ambulance, Euthanasia, Pet Crematorium, Equine Cremation, and Horse Funerals, is designed to provide solace and support when you need it most.


Dedicated Horse Ambulance Services:

In moments of distress or emergency, Oakfield Equine is here to transport your horse safely and with the utmost care. Our dedicated Horse Ambulance service ensures prompt and professional transportation, providing peace of mind during critical situations. Trust us to handle the logistics with precision, prioritizing the well-being of your equine companion.


Compassionate Euthanasia Services:

When the time comes to say goodbye to a beloved horse, Oakfield Equine offers compassionate and dignified euthanasia services. Our experienced team understands the emotional challenges involved, and we approach the process with sensitivity and empathy. Rest assured that your horse will be treated with the utmost care and respect throughout the entire procedure.


Pet Crematorium for Lasting Memories:

Oakfield Equine provides a dedicated Pet Crematorium service, allowing you to choose a respectful and personalized farewell for your equine friend. Our facilities are equipped to handle individual or communal cremations, with options for memorial keepsakes to cherish the lasting memories of your cherished companion.


Our Equine Cremation services are designed to honor your horse's legacy with care and dignity. Oakfield Equine utilizes state-of-the-art facilities to conduct individual cremations, ensuring that your horse receives the respect it deserves. We understand the importance of personalized farewell rituals, and we strive to accommodate your specific preferences during this challenging time. Oakfield Equine offers comprehensive Horse Funeral services, allowing you to create a meaningful and personalized farewell for your equine companion. From casket selection to memorial ceremonies, our team is here to guide and support you in creating a fitting tribute to celebrate the life of your horse.


Why Choose Oakfield Equine:
At Oakfield Equine, we pride ourselves on providing compassionate and professional end-of-life services for horses. Our team is dedicated to supporting you through difficult decisions, ensuring that your equine companion receives the care and respect it deserves. Visit our website to explore our services and learn more about how Oakfield Equine can assist you during challenging times.


When you need compassionate and reliable equine end-of-life services, turn to Oakfield Equine. Contact us today for guidance, support, and the assurance that your horse will be treated with the utmost care and dignity. Oakfield Equine: Where compassionate care meets understanding hearts in honoring your equine companion.

Oakfield Equine
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