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Wheeled Extinguishers
Powder, Foam and CO2 Wheeled Extinguishers - Available in various sizes and are suitable to cover larger fire risks. Suitable for large industrial and marine risks, these wheeled extinguishers are available in a choice of extinguishants and sizes. All models are mounted on steel chassis and rubber tyrues for ease of movement TECHNCAL DATA Powder Wheeled Extinguishers Contents ABC Dry Powder AFFF Foam Wheeld Extinguishers Contents Aqueous Film Forming Foam CO2 Wheeled Extinguishers Contents Carbon Dioxide Gas Powder * - Highly effective fast flame knockdown * - Standard/high-rate discharge nozzles * - 50kg, 75kg (supplied empty) Foam * - Suitable for Class A & B risks * - Highly effective AFFF * - 45L, 135L * - Speacial marine anti-corrosive model CO2 * - Ideally protects large electrical risks * - 9kg, 22.5kg

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