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Portable Fire Extinguishers Recharging
Topics for inclusion in a Method Statement Job Description Brief description of the work Recharging portable fire extinguishers Sequence of work and how Operations are controlled All portable fire extinguishers are recharged to manufacturers recommendations. A safe well ventilated site will be sought to undergo all recharging operators On site supervision arrangements No on or off site supervisory arrangements are required. Our service engineers are trained to work safely unaccompanied and adhere to any on site safety practices Individual responsible for controls and monitoring performance The senior service engineer and our service co-ordinator are responsible for auditing, monitoring and controlling performance Plant and equipment to be used and operator training requirements Competent qualified personnel to QAS3169. Low voltage battery operated tools to be used for fixing extinguishers and nitrogen for pressurising extinguishers Occupational Health Assessments (risk, noise, Coshh, etc) Assessments will be prepared and available on site. Operatives have been fully briefed on any products safe use Safety of third parties Close liaisons with site management is ensured for the safety of third parties Environmental Controls Any environmental controls required will be strictly adhered to First Aid and PPE requirements Operatives carry a comprehensive first aid kit and are provided with all necessary PPE required for this task. Emergency Procedures Any local procedures will be adhered to and our own emergency procedures arranged and agreed on site

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