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Norwood Employability supports job seekers, whether they are freshers, mid-career professionals or executive-level candidates to find the job they need quicker by using 14 or 8 research-backed and unconventional job search tools. Our tools are comprehensive and we work with you until you have your offer letter including Career smart job-finding advice, CV writing tips, Cover letter writing tips, Interview tips, LinkedIn & networking tips, Develop your ‘hidden job market’ search skills, Develop your ‘value validation project’ which you will use to put foot in the door for job opportunities, and Salary negotiation tips as well. If you’re still in school, here’s how we can support you before you graduate so you will land a graduate-level employment quicker ─ If you are a graduate job seeker or other job seekers, here’s how we work with you too to land your dream job quicker ─ Business Hours: Mon-Fri-9:00 am-6:00 pm Sat-10:00 am-4:00 pm
Norwood Employability Ltd.

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